6 red skinned potatoes
 vegetable oil
2 cups cheddar cheese
1 can canned brown gravy
salt, pepper, ketchup to taste
Boil the potatoes in simmering water until they are cooked about half way to two
thirds of the way through. Remove from water, drain and pour cold water over 
them. Remove peels at this point. Allow potatoes to dry. Cut into sticks as you 
would for fries. Using a large heavy skillet (a large cast iron one works well -
or you can use a pot with a French fry basket if you like) pour in enough oil to
fill a little less than half the pan.  Heat to medium hot and put in as many 
potato sticks as you can without crowding (there shouldn't be any overlapping). 
Reduce heat to medium and fry until potatoes evenly browned. This should go 
relatively slowly (about 10-12 minutes) - if the potatoes brown too fast, reduce
heat. It is important they don't get too brown, too fast.  Meanwhile, heat gravy
and have cheese nearby. Drain French fries briefly on paper towels or newspaper.
Serve immediately by sprinkling cheese on top of fries and then covering with